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논문 상세정보

대학생 골프선수의 학습참여 실태 조사

Survey for Attendance for Class of University Golf Player

골프연구 v.11 no.4 , 2017년, pp.17 - 32  
이현우, 이정은

[Purpose] we can understand present state of school life of university golf players for fostering studying golf player, and through this we can offer proper basic materials for settlement of new policy for physical education that would be executed in this country. [Method] we progressed technical statistics analysis to understand demographic feature selecting university golf players as mother group for concluding of result. through this we progressed frequency analysis about life of player, attendance to study, perception to future and we progressed cross analysis depending feature of demographic feature. [Result] because of training time and schedule of competition they missed class a lot, and in another result, we concluded that it is difficult to participate in competition due to participation in class. in usual state of university golf player they take exercise top priority and they have hard time in participating class due to insufficient time. Also, future job education is necessary to players and they also feel necessity of it.

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