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논문 상세정보

‘광주 파노라마’와 변증법적 도약의 시 ― 벤야민으로 읽은 황지우의 시

‘Gwang-ju Panorama’ and the poem of a dialectical jump — Hwang Ji-woo's poems read by W. Benjamin's philosophy —

현대문학이론연구 no.72 , 2018년, pp.81 - 104  

This is a work of reading the poetic map drawn by Hwang Ji-woo through an imaginary map drawn by W. Benjamin's philosophy. Hwang Ji-woo's poetry presents a prospect for the so-called literature and politics that is constantly being raised under difficult circumstances, which can be more clearly revealed through Benjamin's philosophy. Hwang Ji-woo's poetry is largely composed of poetry using montage technique and poetry of romantic style. This composition is found in other poems as well, but in the early two poetries it is visible enough to be in contrast to each other. However, I think that this situation is merely a result of being emphasized because the montage technique can not be ‘embodied.’ The technique of montage is only embodied until it reaches The Lotus Flower In The Crab's Eyes. This study sees that the lyric poetry of the romantic form has been able to do such a thing by acting as another axis in the montage poetry. This study suggests that this embodyment has succeeded in solving some of his poetic troubles as ‘literature-politics’, and the logic of the poetry that drives this can be identified by Benjamin's theoretical guidance. In this way, I read about Hwang Ji-woo through Benjamin and understand his poetic world more clearly, and his poetry is a trail of the relationship between literature and politics, so what is ‘literature-politics’ I expect to be able to get an answer on how it is possible.

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