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논문 상세정보

이주문학과 정체성의 정치―네덜란드 이주작가 하피드 보아자를 중심으로

Migrant Literature and Performance of Identity: Study on Maroccan-Dutch Author Hafid Bouazza

국제언어문학 no.39 , 2018년, pp.29 - 48  

This paper focused on the politics of identity and the liminality of the Dutch migrant writer, Hafid Bouazza. On the one hand, he demonstrates his positional performance as a Dutch writer; on the other hand, his (Moroccan) cultural identity is continuously in dialogue with his new Dutch identity. In this process, the hierarchy between the centre and the margin, between autochthon and allochthon, is destabilized. What makes Hafid Bouazza stand out is his strong resistance to being considered as a migrant writer, an ethnic writer or even a Moroccan-Dutch writer, and his clear refusal to the labels attached to his writing. He argues explicitly that his work has nothing to do with his personal background and since he writes in Dutch, he is a Dutch writer. This is regarded as his ‘performance’ or strategic self-positioning in the Dutch society. His work also demonstrates his liminal positioning between the two cultures - Hafid Bouazza is an exemplary figure of cultural fluidity. The heterogeneous and hybrid characters of his work reflect the writer's continuous negotiations with and positioning of his identity in the context of the multi-cultural Dutch Society.

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