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논문 상세정보

통일대비 주거단지 설비인프라 공급 계획에 대한 고찰

A Study on Supply of Building Services System of Housing Site for Preparation of Unification

한국건축친환경설비학회 논문집 v.12 no.4 , 2018년, pp.400 - 408  
윤희원, 김유승, 최승혁, 류형규

Unification has been a major issue since the division of the Korean peninsula and is one of the ongoing issues. There are several scenarios to prepare for unification, but large-scale population movements are inevitable, no matter what type of unification is taking place. In addition, it is necessary to be able to supply residential complexes about unification immediately when such a situation arises. For unified housing complexes, different approaches should be applied depending on the location of the complex and the situation of unification. Supplying facilities in this supply plan is one of the important issues that directly affects the basic living and sanitary environment of migrants. In this study, the present situation of housing facilities in North Korea are reviewed, and the facility supply scenario of the unified housing complex is prepared by referring to the facility supply of domestic and foreign refugee residential complexes and domestic facilities standards.

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