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논문 상세정보

국내 공예산업 활성화 방안에 관한 연구- 글로벌 이커머셜 플랫폼을 중심으로

A Study on the revitalization of craft industry - Focusing on the Global E-commercial Platform -

조형디자인연구 v.21 no.3 , 2018년, pp.247 - 269  
이강은, 안순주

Crafts based on tradition and handicrafted delicacy stimulate buyers' emotions with a distinctly different value from modern mass production. It is distinct from the factory-produced products, deviating from the deindividuation of mass-produced products, which is consistent with today's trends of multi-product and small volume production that reflects the individual taste of buyers. Under this circumstance, it is the combination of e-commercial market and crafts that has been outstanding in the overseas craft market in recent years. However, current distribution and sales of Korean crafts are mainly off-line, and online sales are limited to the domestic market, so sales volume are not high either. Therefore, it is expected that a new strategy should be prepared to improve the current situation by moving away from the past methods and reviving to the global trend. Therefore, the domestic craft industry has proposed a new craft production and distribution plan through linkage with the global e-commercial platform and its purpose is to expand the competitive distribution channels and revitalize sales to improve the current situation by studying in the global e-commercial case and the changes of distribution structure. To that end, the phenomenon was analyzed based on statistical data on production activities of the domestic craft industry announced previously and domestic e-commercial market analysis and freign e-commercial markets that are responding quickly in contrast to domestic were compared. This study presents realistic alternatives to be globalized by comparing and analyzing Amazon, which has created a handmade category with a representative company, Etsy and entered the industry. Thus, based on the analysis so far, it was concluded that the entry into e-commercial platform should be implemented quickly so that high quality domestic handicrafts can be supplied to the online market which is sold worldwide. It is hoped this helps to promote the distribution of Korean artifacts, and to set the direction to global online market and establish strategies at the same time.

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