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논문 상세정보

루머 유형에 대한 기업의 대응전략

Coping Strategy Considering Rumor Type

상품학연구 v.36 no.5 , 2018년, pp.91 - 95   http://dx.doi.org/10.36345/kacst.2018.36.5.010

Fake news has become a hot topic in South Korea and the United States. Fake news sometimes doesn't end in one of many news stories. It can have a very serious negative effect on the situation. In elections, election candidates change to fake news. Companies go bankrupt due to fake news in corporate management. The negative impact of fake news is beyond imagination. Fake news continues to appear. Even mainstream media is often known as the origin of fake news. Rumors and fake news are similar. misinformation leads to strange judgments. One cannot blame the uncontrollable rumors. Rumor is that despite the regulation, it is constantly appealing. In the end, a reasonable response strategy is needed. In many cases, rumors are spread further due to incorrect responses. In many cases, the spread of rumors is neglected, resulting in irreversible disasters. This study was divided into the strategy of silence and denial and refutation. As a results, concerning negative rumors associated with products, we have confirmed that active denial and refutation strategies are more reasonable than silent strategies. However, there was no difference between a silent and a denial and a refutation strategy for negative rumors involving companies. If you don't think about the statistical significance, There was also evidence that silence could be more reasonable than denial and refutation in relation to a company.

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