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논문 상세정보

독일의 극우정치와 난민 - 독일 대안당과 ‘하이마트 정치

The Far-right Politics and Refugees: AfD and his Heimat Politics

호모미그란스-이주, 식민주의, 인종주의 v.19 , 2018년, pp.94 - 121   http://dx.doi.org/10.32715/hm.2018.19..004

This article attempts to analyse the right-wing politics of AfD(Alternative für Deutschland) which have great success in the FRG. The conservative-national wing of AfD rejected the economic and political modernization process of the FRG. They considered the historical-political culture to be a scrap of the past, which paralyzed the people. The conservative-national wing within the AfD had a great appetite for an authoritarian nation-state that could be able to solve all current problems. Nation and Heimat were their battle concept, which was based on blood and soil. The great success of the AfD is due to the powerlessness of the old parties and the disappointment and anger of the bourgeois middle in the transnational turn. However, there is also a social resistance against the spread of right-wing politics in Germany.

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