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논문 상세정보

왜도 위험 프리미엄의 정보효과

Information Content of Skewness Risk Premium

선물연구 v.26 no.4 , 2018년, pp.391 - 423  
남석구, 강병진

The variance risk premium defined as the difference between risk neutral variance and physical variance is one of the most crucial information recovered from option prices. It does not, however, reflect the asymmetry in upside and downside movements of underlying asset returns, and also has limitation in reflecting asymmetric preference of investors over gains and losses. In this sense, this paper decomposes variance risk premium into downside - and upside - variance risk premium, and then derives the skewness risk premium and examines its effectiveness in predicting future underlying asset returns. Using KOSPI200 option prices, we obtained the following results. First, we found out that the estimated skewness risk premium has meaningful forecasting power for future stock returns, while the estimated variance risk premium has little forecasting power. Second, by utilizing our results of skewness risk premium, we developed a profitable investment strategy, which verifies the effectiveness of skewness risk premium in predicting future stock returns. In conclusion, the empirical results of this paper can contribute to the literature in that it helps us understand why variance risk premium, in most global markets except the US market, has not been successful in forecasting future stock returns. In addition, our results showing the profitability of investment strategies based on skewness risk premium can also give important implications to practitioners.

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