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논문 상세정보

영산 설교의 형식에 관한 연구

An Investigation of Sermon Forms in Youngsan’s Preaching

영산신학저널 v.47 , 2019년, pp.85 - 123   http://dx.doi.org/10.18804/jyt.2019.03.47.85

The matter of sermon form has been one of frequently discussed issues in contemporary homiletics since 1960. While sermon form is understood as a basin in which a preacher contains sermon content before the New Homiletic Movement, contemporary homileticians argue that sermon form is important because it influences a way of how hearers understand sermons and result of preaching. Especially, they contend that sermon form has relationship with theology and goal of preaching. The main purpose of this article is to deal with a relationship between sermon form and theology/goal of preaching in Youngsan’s preaching in terms of theories of contemporary homileticians concerning a relationship between sermon form and theology/goal of preaching. Investigations of Youngsan’s preaching has been mostly focusing on its contents. It is, therefore, necessary to probe its forms. When dealing with forms of Youngsan’s preaching, one should not miss that his theology and aim of preaching are deeply related to forms of his preaching. The theology of preaching in Youngsan’s sermons is the Fivefold Gospels and Threefold Blessings that have their own structure, that is, ‘Fall-Salvation-Blessing’. Youngsan’s preaching takes a three-point sermon form that mostly fits to his theology of preaching. Moreover, the structure of ‘Fall-Salvation-Blessing’ in Youngsan’s homiletical theology enables his congregation to participate the movement of preaching and to experience God who saves them and gives them dream, hope and blessing. In the course of the investigation, this article explores diverse opinions and theories of contemporary homileticians and prove how forms of Youngsan’s preaching has a relationship with its homiletical theology and aim. Youngsan’s

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