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논문 상세정보

일본어 콜로케이션 교육의 필요성에 관한 고찰

A Review of the Need for Learning Collocation in Japanese Language Education

일본문화연구 no.70 , 2019년, pp.43 - 62   http://dx.doi.org/10.18075/jcs..70.201904.043

This paper emphasizes the need for learning collocation in Japanese language education by analyzing the learners’ use of collocated phrases. The results indicate that the learners are unable to make full use of collocated phrases formed by words which correspond to their attained grade in the Japanese proficiency tests. In addition, this paper extracts the characteristics of native Japanese speakers’ use of collocation by selecting and presenting the frequency with which words (verbs) from the Japanese proficiency tests appear either in isolation or as part of collocated phrases in the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese. This demonstrated that certain words appear as part of collocated phrases more often than others despite the words belonging to the same test grade. The findings from this paper should be used in Japanese language education to identify which words are better taught with a focus on either their individual meaning or their use in collocated phrases.

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