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논문 상세정보

동성애자를 위한 목회 돌봄과 상담 - 사랑과 변화의 관점에서

Pastoral Care and Counseling for Homosexuality: A Christian Perspective of Love and Change

장신논단 v.51 no.2 , 2019년, pp.179 - 209  

This paper endeavors to explore the need and importance of the ministry of pastoral care and counseling for homosexuals in Korea. To better understand the sexual orientation, behavior, and life of the Korean homosexual population, this paper utilizes a case study which provides deeper and richer narratives of two gay men, one of whom is active and another who was formerly gay. From a pastoral theological perspective, this work stresses to have a well-balanced view on homosexuality, which is of love and change. In the Christian way of life, love is a basic attitude toward the LGBT community that is based on God’s grace. Change, another aspect of showing love, is speaking truth and accepting the possibility of transformation in God. To provide rationales for change, the issue of the genetic inheritance of sexual orientation is discussed and criticized. Possibilities for change in homosexual orientation and behavior are positively provided. Then, suggestions for more effective and useful interventions for homosexuality are delivered, including sexuality education, pastoral care, pastoral counseling, and public pastoral theological endeavor for people with gay and lesbian sexual orientations.

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