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논문 상세정보

한국인혈압(韓國人血壓)의 정상치역(正常値域

Normal Range of Blood Pressure of Korean


In order to figure out the normal range, lower limit of hypertension and upper limit of hypotension of the blood pressure of Korean, authors had measured blood pressure according to Korotkow's method for 31,897 healthy persons as samples who were occupied different levels of the social class except cases who would seem to be the essential hypertension and had the diseases affecting to secondary hypertension. A following conclusion was induced by actual measurement and statistical reasoning. 1. The normal range and limits of hypo- and hypertension by sex and age groups of Korean were demonstrated in Table 1 and Figure 1. 2. The more aging the higher value of blood pressure in both sexes, especially women rather than men and systolic as to diastolic. 3. Generally, blood pressure values of female were lower than male, after 55 years of age, however, the crossing phenomenon was recognizable. 4. To settle the normal and abnormal ranges of the blood pressure of Korean, it was attempted that $M{\pm}1.282{\sigma}$ as normal range, $M+2{\sigma}$ as lower limit of hypertension and $M-2{\sigma}$ as upper limit of hypotension were calculated, and regression lines were drawn to adjust the biological variables and derive continuity from each age class. (Fig. 2 and 3) 5. The blood pressure levels were becoming elevated as to getting increased of the body weight, particularly diastolic value at 40-49 age group in male and systolic value at 30-39 age group in female.

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