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논문 상세정보

CMI에 의(依)한 일부(一部) 남여(男女) 대학생(大學生)들의 건강실태(健康實態)의 평가(評價)와 학업성적(學業成績)과의 관계(關係

Evaluation of Health Status of College Students by Cornell Medical Index : In Conjunction with their Academic Grade


By evaluating the health status by Cornell Medical Index in conjunction with their academic grade, we attempted to find out whether any health condition may affect on their academic carrier. CMI health questionnaire was filled out by student and matched with one's own academic score if the previous year. Academic score was classified into 5 grades: excellent, very good, good, fair and poor. Difference in number of questions between sections was corrected by standard score method with means of 50 and standard deviation of 10. Differences in number of 'yes' answers between sections and between groups of students in each grade were statistically tested by two-way variance analysis method. On the other hand, influence of neuropsychiatric factors (section M-R) on the academic carrier was analyzed by $X^2-test$ with Fukamachi's classification. The following were the results obtained in this study: 1) Number of 'yes' answers in sections related to mood and feeling patterns (sections M-R) were appeared to be influential to academic carrier in male students, but not in female students. 2) Generally speaking, in groups of higher academic grade, number of 'yes' answers in each section was on an averege 50 or less, and in groups of lower academic grade, the number was 50 or more depending on sections. 3) Number of 'yes' answers between sections and between groups in each academic grade were significantly different both in male and female college students. 4) It was noteworthy that data obtained from CMI questionnaire might be variable subjectively by examinees with some factors at the time of administration.

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