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논문 상세정보

공무원(公務員) 및 사립학교교직원(私立學校敎職員)의 건강진단(健康診斷)에서 나타난 결과(結果

A Result on the Physical Checkup of Public Officials and School Personnel in Private Schools


Korean Medical Insurance Cooperation executed the physical checkup intended for all the members of public officials, school personnel in private schools, and the insured as a national-wide event in 1980. This is the result of a part of Taegu district and its contiguous country this hospital took charge of. Physical checkup method was divided into the first health examination and tile second health examination. The second health examination was executed for those who needed reexamination according to the result of the first health examination. After that, we passed judgement on the result finally. The total number of the first health examination was 10,779; 4,606 in public officials, 2,327 in police constables, 3,976 in school personnel in private schools. The classification of physical checkup is as follows; A group: normal groups B group: those who do not require immediate medical care but require preventive measures or who are doubtful of disease or who had undetermined diagnosis (attention) C group: those who require immediate medical care but who are able to be on duty (simple recuperation) D group: those who require immediate medical treatment and recuperation (suspension from office and recuperation) Total B group to the in the first health examination was 4.73%, that of total C,D groups 2.21%. That of total C,D groups to the total in the first health examination by occupation was 2.30% in public officials, 2.19% in police constables, 2.04% in school personnel. Consequently there was no different among occupations. Total C,D groups of hypertension to the total in the first health examination was 1.68% and hypertension was 76.05% to all disease. These rates mentioned to above were higher than any other rate in disease. Subsequently, being low, the rate of diabetes was 15.54%. From the view point of age, the higher rate appeared in men and women over 35 years old of B group and over 45 years old of C,D groups in three occupations in comparison with other ages and the older men were, the higher men who took a disease were.

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