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논문 상세정보

Tricalciumaluminate의 초기 수화반응에 미치는 $K_2O$의 영향

Effect of Potassium Oxide on the Early Hydration of Tricalciumaluminate


Two kinds of clinker liquid melts, one containing 2.0% of $K_2O$ and the other without $K_2O$, were prepared with the similar composition as those developed during the firing of portland cement clinker. One portion of melt was quenched and found to consist of glass together with traces of proto-$C_3A$, and the other portion was allowed to cool spontaneously to crystallize $C_3A$ and calciumferrite well. The product obtained by crystallization of the melt without $K_2O$showed cubic $C_3A$, while orthorhombic $C_3A$ was formed from the crystallized product containing $K_2O$. Studies on the hydration behavior of the samples made from the melts with 30% of gypsum were carried out for 24 hours by observation at regular intervals ettringite, monosulphate hydrates and gypsum which were formed or consumed during hydration. The samples without $K_2O$ in the melts were hydrated wth addition of proper amount of $K_2SO_4$ in the water for hydration. Hydration behavior of glassified $C_3A$ showed that it has low reactivity relative to crystallized $C_3A$, and also hydration reactivity of orthorhombic $C_3A$ was much lower than that of cubic $C_3A$ in 60 minutes. Potassium sulphate in the solution reduced the hydration reactivity of $C_3A$ . Evolution peaks of hydration heat examined by twin-type conduction micro-calorimeter showed that glassified $C_3A$ without $K_2O$ had secondary peak after 9 hours and $C_3A$ containing $K_2O$ after 12 hours. When crystallized $C_3A$ was hydrated, initial peaks of hydration heat were considerably high and there was no secondary peak for cubic $C_3A$ but the secondary peak of orthorhombic $C_3A$ appeared after 4 hours.

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