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논문 상세정보

교장총록 경부 분류체계의 분석

An Analytical Study on the Classification System of the Kyochangchongrok Kyongbu (敎藏總錄 經部)


This study deals with and brings light on the classification system of Kyochangchongrok Kyongba((敎藏總錄 經部) Concerning the Euichon(義天)'s catalogue, Ohya(大屋德城) pointed out in 1937 that its classification system was different from that of the Kaewon Sokkyorok Yakchul(開元釋敎錄略出), and the system was not based on the diverse divisions of doctrines, such as Chontae(天台) or Whaom(華嚴). He went on to contend that the system, therefore, had no working rules, and was disorder as a corollary. The present writer, however, firmly convinced that Euichon must have had some criteria and order in editing the Catalogue on the basis of the commentaries which he had collected in 20 years, examined the catalogue by analyzing the classification system of sutra, vinaya and philosophy, thereby reclassifying them as divisions of doctrines like Wonhyo(元曉), Chontae(天台) and Hyonsu(賢首). As a result, the present writer disclosed that Euichon's Clataogue was edited in conformity with some criteria. For it was edited according tothe order of his teachings and meditations; complete combination of dharma, gist of final teachings, sermons of Hinavana Buddhism. Furthermore, it was clarified that he logically organized the system since he, concerning the sub-system, synthetically applied the reverse of the order which was illustrated in the diverse divisions of doctrines of 'Wonhyo', etc. consequently arranging and connecting the doctrines respectivelly. The significance of this treatise can, therefore, read as follows; to prove the Euichon's Catalogue was complied reasonably and logically on the basis of standing criterion.

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