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논문 상세정보

유니섹스 의복행동과 성역할과의 관계 -남$\\cdot$여 대학생을 중심으로

The Relationship between Unisex Clothing Behavior and Sex Role of Korean College Students


The purpose of this study was to investgate the relationship between two aspects of sex role and two aspects of clothing behavior. For Sex Role: Sex role attitude was measured by Smith, Ferree, and Miller's Feminism Scale, and sex role personality was measured by Bem's Sex Role Inventory. For Clothing Behavior: a unisex clothing behavior questionnaire was developed for this study, and general clothing behavior was assessed with Lee; Kahng; Kim; and Kim's questionnaires dealing with fashion and modesty. The questionnaires were administered to a sample of male and female college students attending universities in Seoul. The data for 349 respondents were analyzed by correlation, analysis of variance and t-tests. The results were: 1) Liberal attitudes toward sex role were positively related to unisex clothing behavior for female college students. 2) The androgynous female group exhibited significantly higher 'interest in unisex clothing behavior' attitude than non-androgynous female students. 3) Feminine personality in men was positively related to a positive attitude toward unisex clothing. Masculinine personality in women was positively related to unisex clothing behavior that is they were more likely to be interested in, to wear, and to agree to others wearing unisex clothing. 4) Liberal attitudes toward sex role were not related to modesty in clothing. 5) Scores of women on positive attiudes toward liberal sex roles, unisex clothing behavior, fashion, and modesty were significantly higher than these of men.

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