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경부 분류에 대한 소고

A Study on Classification of Confucian Classics Part of Four Category Classification


The traditional oriental materials are very important to study on Oriental or Korean studies. Every reseacher that study on this field is familier to Four Category Classification Scheme (四部分類法) as it is based on the traditional knowledge of Orient. Then, when all materials of libraries will he computerized, it will be the first condition that will has to understand about the classification of division and section of oriental knowledge, because not only ancient literature but also many dissertation of this subject will be classified. Therefore, Four Category Classification Scheme has been valuable until now. This paper is intended to help librarians to classify the traditional oriental materials or the dissertation concerned with that, to serve researched user that literatures which have been filed among various traditional bibliographies. The outline of this study are as follows: :1 Examining closely origins, developing process and characteristics of classification of Confacian Classics Part (經部) of Four Category Classification Scheme. (2) Explaning the content of division and section of Confucian Classics Part (經部). (3) Coordinating relation of division and section of Confucian Classics Part as well as those of other parts of the classification scheme. (4) Clearing up the limitation of classification related to other division. (5) Attempting to give basic knowledge on practical classification as concrete examples beloging to each division and section of classification.

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