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수질보전상의 문제와 대책

Problems and their Counter-measures in Water Quality Preservation


Due to the increase of population and development of industry, the demand of available water resources increased . Many reservoirs have been constructed in large scales to meet this urgent need , resulting in the increased amount of water resources. After the constructions, however, serious pollution-especially eutrophication-in some reservoirs become a socialaffair. Therefore, water quality control in these resources should be considered more intensively than any other environmental preservation policies. It also seems to be imminent to prepare the precautionary steps. Most water pollution in Korea-73 percent - can be traced to domestic sewage. It may rome as a surprise to Some, Industry is responsible for just 27 percent of ]Korea's water pollution. What he calls 'non-point' Sources, which may include agricultural Chemicals, Create only negligible amount of water pollution. Up to $15\%$ of domestic sewage is treated in Korea, which is quite low when compared with the waste processing in developed countries. So it is the most urgent matter to control the pollution sources. One of the precautionary plans, more urban domestic sewage treatment plants must be installed and operated efficiently. It is known that nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous are the major factors the process of eutrophication, which can be removed majorly by the tertiary or advanced treatment process.

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