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논문 상세정보

유리단 국소의치의 지대치 운동에 관한 생체학적 연구



The laser reflexion method is a new technique which permits precise contactless measurement and observation of tooth mobility as well as tooth movement. The purposes of this study were to clarify the reliability of the laser reflexion method in clinical application and to measure the abutment tooth movement according to clasp design. This study was designed to determine 1) How much a bending movement of the impression plate stand affects the position of the reflexion pattern and how precise the patient bites into plate 2) Which clasp design causes greater movement of the abutment tooth. Under medium and maximum bite forces, tests were performed on central loading position which was 13mm distal to terminal abutment tooth of distal extension removable partial denture. The movement in the mesiodistal and buccolingual directions was measured. The Duncan's New Multiple-Range test was used to compare the means for the four castings under each direction-load combination; and the paired sample t-test was for medium and maximum bite forces. From this experiment, the following results were obtained. 1. The Roach clasp, the combination clasp, the RPI clasp, and the Akers clasp did not significantly differ in their effects on buccolingual movement of the abutment tooth. 2. The direction of abutment tooth movement was not significantly altered by clasp design and all abutment tooth movements were oriented distobuccally. 3. Under medium bite force, the Akers clasp caused greater distal movement of the abutment tooth than did the combination clasp and the RPI clasp. Under maximum bite force, the Akers clasp caused greater distal movement of the abutment tooth than did the RPI clasp. 4. The testing apparatus and procedures used in this study(laser reflexion method) proved to be reliable in clinical application.

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