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논문 상세정보

마케팅조사의 결합분석법을 활용한 참고봉사의 평가에 관한 연구

A Study on the Reference Evaluation Applying Conjoint Analysis of the Marketing Research


The Purpose of this study is to explore and analyse ways of enhancing the effectiveness of reference service through reference evaluation. Marketing research technique combined with pre-evaluation theory was applied in this study to find out information for practice the service based on current concept of reference service. Aims and results of this study can be summarised as follows: First, the evaluation of effectiveness of reference service should be conducted for the purpose of finding out the ways of increasing user's satisfaction. Second, the policy evaluation was understood as the appropriated evaluation concept. The policy evaluation in principle coincides with reference service in sense that the satisfaction of public should have priority and hence be the criterion of the evaluation. Third, marketing research based on recently developed 'marketing concept', which concentrates all its efforts to meet user's demand and attempt to acquire the information for better marketing management of non-profit organization such as library, is examined to find out the evaluation method practically applicable to the pre-evaluation of reference service. In this study , conjoint analysis was adopted as the method of pre-evaluation about reference service. The Reference Room of the Central Library Yonsei University, was selected as the arget sample to find out the expected condition for the maximization of the user's satisfaction from the reference service. Based on this example study, the analysis indicates as the most desirable combination for reference service in terms of the user's satisfaction is following condition: the younger librarian with aimable personality who displays willingness In his/her assistance, plus as the method of reference service, sufficient and practical introduction to the reference materials available, plus immediate and satisfactory result of the service, and finally a library equipped with inter-library use system.

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