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논문 상세정보

조선조 사찰판 각수 연구

A Study on the Engravers of Temple Woodblock Publications in Choson Dynasty


1. The Purpose of the Research Historical study on the early woodblock printing in Korea has been mostly focussed on woodblock-printed books. Whereas, researches on those who pioneered to develop the advanced culture of the times have been very scant. Meanwhile, extant temple woodblock publications contain well preserved descriptions about Monk-Engravers and Sextons together with respective colophons at the end of the books. These records are very important research materials in the study of woodblock printing history and are also very useful source materials for discernment in conducting historical research about woodblock-printed books. Based on these records, this research has revelaed the characteristics of the Engrevers and realities of engraving activities, and by doing this, has clarified the characteristics of temple woodblock publications, and discussed the historical research about the woodblock-printed-publications by means of the Engravers. 2. Research Methods Temple woodblock publications with colophons in the nation's major libraries have been directly investigated and 3,059 Engravers were identified in 510 different woodblock-printed books, based on which this research and analysis have been conducted. 3. Research Results As a result of the research the followings have been clarified. A The Engravers' status composition and the motivation of engraving. B. The realities and tendencies of the Engravers' activities. C. The characteristics of the times found in the Engravers' lists. D. Historical research methods through the names of the Engravers.

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