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논문 상세정보

양모 복지의 초기열류속최대치($q_{max}$)에 관한 연구(II) -직물 표면 형태 인자와의 상관성을 중심으로

A Study on the Initial Maximum Value of Heat Flux, $q_{max}$ of Wool Fabrics (Part II) - The correlation between $q_{max}$ and chracteristic values -


In the previous paper, we already discussed about the factor effected upon the initial maximum value of heat flux ($q_{max}$). Thermal conductivity, thermal transmittance and surface air cavity of wool fabrics were examind and their correlation to the $q_{max}$ was also studied In this study, the other factor was examined which had on effect upon the qmaf of an objective measure of warm/cool feeling. It was studied that the qmax correlated to the surface sturucture parameters (compression, friction, smoothness, roughness, thickness and weight). It was concerned to the degree of warm/cool feeling when we touched hand on fabrics. We selected twenty sorts of pure wool woven fabrics for men's fall-winter cloth (all Wool). The conclusions are as follow; 1. There was a good correlation between the $q_{max}$ and the compression property. 2. The surface structure parameters, smoothness and roughness, made various effects on the $q_{max}$, when the samples touched on a thin copper plate. So, there was not a certain correla-tion to the $q_{max}$.

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