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논문 상세정보

의복형태에 따른 성인여성의 발한반응에 관한 연구

The Study on the Sweating Responses of Adult Female according to Garment types


This study was performed to investigate correlation between total body weight loss and local sweat rate and to find out any possible method that can estimate total body weight loss judging from local sweat rate. Twelve adult females were kept at 44 $\pm1^{\circ}C$, 50 ${\pm}5\%$ R.H. (1) Physiological responses such as total body weight loss, local sweat rate, rectal temperature, skin temperature, blood pressure and pulse, (2) micro climate inside garment and (3) subjective sensation were examined. Two types of garment such as long-sleeves with long pants (Type I) and half·sleeves with short pants (Type II) were used to observe the effect of garment types on sweating response. Both clothing weight was equal (132$\pm$3 g/$m^{2}$). The results were as follows: 1. Regardless of the different types, total body weight loss was more interrelated with the sweat rate on forehead than any other parts of the body. Except the forehead, different parts of body with different types of garment influenced on body weight loss quite differently. 2. Total body weight loss was more interrelated with the weight gain of garment than the local sweat rate. 3. Under the environment of 44$\pm1^{\circ}C,\;50{\pm}5\%$R.H., body weight loss during 1 hour of subject clothed and silted was 275.2 g/hr and weight loss per body surface area was 178.9 g/$m^{2}/hr$ Garment types have no influences on total body weight loss. 4. Local sweat rate (mg/7.07 $cm^{2}/hr$) was 208.0,191.0, 133.0, 115.0,81 0, 75.1 and 66.3 on scruff, breast, forehead, forearm, thigh, upper arm, leg respectively No evidence has been found that garment types influenced on local sweat rate (p<0.1). 5. No interrelationships between rectal temperature and total body weight loss, local skin temperature and total body weight loss, and local skin temperature and local sweat rate were found. From this study, some possible method that we can estimate total body' weight loss judging from weight loss of garment. But considering the fact that clothing design factor, the physical characteristics of fabric and environmental factor such as humidity and wind velocity should be concerned in weight loss of garment, it should be studied further whether the total body weight loss can be estimated properly from the weight loss of garment. This experiment suggest that different parts of body with different types of garment can influence on body weight loss quite differently. Therefore, in order to get more precise results, more studies under the diversity of garment types should be done in the near future.

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  1. 1999. "The Effectso f Textiles Materials and Wearing Type on the Thermal Insulation Value" 한국의류학회지 = Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles, 23(8): 1098~1109 


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