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논문 상세정보

고려시대 수월관음도의 의상에 나타난 문양연구

A Study on Dress Pattern in SU WOL KWAN EUM DO of Koryo Dynasty


Studying the dress style of the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy SU WOL KWAN EUM DO (Drawings on the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy who is watching the Moon reflected in the still water), it is composed of a splendid, jewel crown with five colors, a light and flimsy, non-colored veil with many kinds of gold·plated patterns. This gold·plated carapace figures on a scarlet ground are drawn on the veil and the oval-type flower figures mixed with a scarlet lotus blossom ard arranged. An arabesque pattern of BOSANGHWA (an imaginary, Buddhistic flower figure) is mainly used for both line decorations and necklace. Like this, various kinds and types of figures are in harmony in spite of many changes in figure design. The SU WOL KWAN EUM DO in Koryo dynasty is full of colorful, subtle, harmonious figures which are unique style, which cannot be found in japan, China, and so on. In other words, most of most of dress patterns which are shown in SU WOL KWAN EUM DO are China ink paintings with mountains and waters as its setting. In case of color painting, figure designs are seldom used. The dress pattern in SU WOL KWAN EUM DO of koryo dynasty is characteristic of its variety and magnificent colors.

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