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논문 상세정보

동양목조탑파(東洋木造塔婆)의 구조형식(構造形式)에 관한 연구(硏究) - 법주사(法住寺) 팔상전(捌相殿)과 법륭사(法隆寺) 오중탑(五重塔)의 비교분석적 측면에서

The Structure of Oriental Wooden Pagoda


This dissertation aims to investigate the structure of Palsangjeon, a five story wooden pagoda in Pubjoo Temple which is the only wooden pagoda existing in Korea, by a comparative study of the Palsangjeon with Japanese counterparts. By doing so, the writer of the present investigation attempts to find out its structural originality. The main finding of this study are as follows. The upper part of Palsangjeon is constructed with square log frameworks called GuiTl and Sacheon-Ju around the central column. The four walls along Sacheon-Ju from the 1st level to the 3rd well resists the outside horizontal piressure. And Gui-Tl structure on the 5th level copes much better with shear force. So this frame consisting of Sacheon-Ju and log frameworks might be viewed an semi-core system, This core is supported once again by the frame of Go-Ju. That is to say. Go-Ju supports frame of Sacheon-Ju. And the frame of Pyeong-Ju on the 4th and the 5th levels also supports it. The frame of Go-Ju is supported by the frame of Pyeong-Ju on the 1st and the 2nd levels. So this structure is designed to resist the wind and also keep the balance by properly distributing vertical pressure. The plan and the elevational structure of Palsangjeon keep the balance by the perfect symmetric structure. And the frame of Sacheon-Ju forming semi-core system can resist both the lateral load and the vertical pressure for the balance of its structure. The five story pagoda in Horyuji used to stand on a central which is desigend to support the main body of the pagoda from the first level. The principles of balance is used between the Ha-Aag and short to react the rafter. Sacheon-Ju and edge column is against the lateral load. The structural jointing system is stable thanks to the log framewroks formed on every level. The five story pagoda in Horyuji poseses the structual system originated from the ancient wooden pagoda. The pagoda is found to express simple, sincere and straight forward form. On the other hand, it could be seen as a stucture resisting the earthquake and the lateral load, Palsangjeon is an excellent building which religions function is well harmonized with its structure and appearance. It not only functions extremely well as a regions place like other pagodas, but also excellently shows how multi-story wooden building should be structured.

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