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Electrical conduction phenomena of $C_{22}$-quinolium(TCNQ) Langmuir- Blodgett(LB) films are reported through a study of current-voltage(I-V) characteristics along a perpendicular direction. The I-V characteristics were investigated by applying a step or a pulse voltage to the specimen as well as changing temperatures in the range of 20-250[.deg. C] It show an ohmic behavior in low-electric field, and a nonohmic behavior in high-electric field. This nonohmic behavior has been interpreted in terms of a conduction mechanism of space-charge limited current and Schottky effect. When the electric field is near the strength of 10$_{6}$ V/cm, there occur anomalous phenomena similar to breakdown. When step or pulse voltage is applied, the breakdown voltage shifts to the higher one as the step or pulse time width becomes shorter. To see the influence of temperature, current was measured as a function of temperature under the several bias voltages, which are lower than that of breakdown. It shows that the current increases to about 103 times near 60-70[.deg. C], and remains constant for a while up to around 150[.deg. C] and then suddenly drops. We have also performed a DSC(differential scanning calorimetry) measurement with $C_{22}$-quinolium(TCNQ) powder in the range of 30-300[.deg. C]. These results imply that the anomalous phenomena occuring in the high electric field are caused by the electrical and internal thermal effect such as a joule heating.ating.

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