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논문 상세정보

조경계획.설계 기술용역의 수행실태에 관한 조사연구

A Study on the Practices of Landscape Planning & Design Services in Korea


This study is designed to analyze the trends of professional services in Landscape Architecture during the past 5 years(1987-1991) in Korea. The data were collected from 1,117 projects from 56 engineering and landscape architecture firms. The findings are summarized as follows: 1) The projects have been increased annually by 19 percent in numbers and by 47 percent in money terms. 2) The main sources of projects are local governments and corporations. However the private sector comprise 31 percent in projects number and 46 percent in money terms. 3) The public park and tourism site development comprise a half of the projects. Recently recreational forest, golf, amusement and large housing site development have increased very rapidly. 4) In terms of workscope they are devided by 'complex' project which include extensive engineering works and 'simple' project which contain mostly planting design. The former include receational project with average 5 or 6 months contract period, and the later include housing and building site design with 2 or 3 months period. 5) Two types of consulting firms are typical. One is comprehensive engineering firms with urban planning section and few landscape section. The other is specialized professional firms with urban planning or landscape architecture. 50 percent of the project was done by comhensive engineering firms and 60 percent was done by urban planning section. The implication of these findings are broad: Firstly, We have to meet the demands in private secter mostly in recreation and leisure related projects. Secondly, landscape architects and project managers need more professional skills and coordination ability to deal with 'complex' projects. Thirdly, to enhance the quality of professional services it is required to have enough work time and higher service fee through legal and institutional enforcements.

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