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논문 상세정보

고용성장율 시차분석을 통한 산업기반의 확충방안 - 충남지역의 사례

Promotion strategy of Economic Base through Employment Growth Analysis


This paper primarily aims to analyze the growth rate differentials of the economic activities in chung-Nam area. The research has been undertaken to find out the potentials of the economic activities and economic bases in the area. To analyze the economic potentials of the industries, the study employed the economic Growth Rate Differential Analysis by Henderson which is revised form of Shift-Share Analysis Methods. The research employed the employment data according to the standardized two-digit-classification-system during the period of 10 years from 1981 through 1991. The Growth Rate Differential Analysis calculates Total Growth Differentials which are dicomposed into two parts: Weight Part and Rate Part. Total Growth Differential can be calculated as the difference between national growth rate and regional growth rate by industry. The foundings are as follows: First, the economic bases of Chung-Nam area were found to be very weak, largely depending on primary industries such as agriculture and fisheries. Second, there was a great decline in urban industries in Tae Joeon, Cheon An and other cities over period of 1971-1981. It is strongly recommended that the planned items and products of each industrial complex must be reorgnized in a fashion to match those with high competitive power found in this research.

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