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고속 문자 인식기의 대분류용 다중 처리기의 구현

Implementation of Multiprocessor for Classification of High Speed OCR


In case of off-line character recognition with statistical method, the character recognition speed for Korean or Chinese characters is slow since the amount of calculation is huge. To improve this problem, we seperate the recognition steps into several functional stages and implement them with hardwares for each stage so that all the stages can be processed with pipline structure. In accordance with temporal parallel processing, a high speed character recognition system can be implemented. In this paper, we implement a classification hardware, which is one of the several functional stages, to improve the speed by parallel structure with multiple DSPs(Digital Signal Processors). Also, it is designed to be able to expand DSP boards in parallel to make processing faster as much as we wish. We implement the hardware as an add-on board in IBM-PC, and the result of experiment is that it can process about 47-times and 71-times faster with 2 DSPs and 3 DSPs respectively than the IBM-PC(486D$\times$2-66MHz). The effectiveness is proved by developing a high speed OCR(Optical Character Recognizer).

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