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논문 상세정보

WDF에 의거한 저면감도 영향교대 필터구조의 유도

(WDF-Based Derivation of Two-Type-Interlaced Structure for Low-Sensitivity Digital Filter Realizations


The lossless bounded real(LBR) two-pair cascade structure is one of the exiting low-sensitivity digital filter structures such as wave digital filters(WDFs) orthogonal filters. They are known to have the same structures which are composed of canonic building blocks interconnected to each other. The LBR two-pair cascade filters amount to describing in a unified manner the existing canonic low-sensitivity filters in terms of transfer matrices and chain matrices. However the existing structures have somewhat degraded low-sensitivity performance because they include dependent parameters within their structures. In this paper we propose a filter structure called “two-type-interlaced(TTI) structure.” eliminating such problem completely. This structures can be viewed as the WDFs of analog ladder circuits. As ladder circuits are obtained by cascading Brune sections and merging neighboring inductors or capacitors. so TTI structures at e obtained by cascading Type 3 LBR two-pairs and merging neighboring Type 1 LBR two-pairs. Next, a test procedure called “LBR test” is also presented in this paper. which determines whether of not the quantized TTI structure is stable . If it is unstable we can fine-tune the quantized parameters to make the overall structure stable. Therefore we can solve the dependent parameter problem completely with TTI structure along with LBR test. test.

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