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논문 상세정보

대학생 복식 현상에 나타난 상징성 연구

An Analysis of Symbolism about College Student Clothing Phenomena


The purpose of this study was to analyze the classification and meaning of symbols, of the clothes of the college students by sex-roll theory and identity theory. The clothes analyzed in this study were collected by photographs which were taken in the campus (240 out of 1,000 pictures) of the several colleges and universities in Seoul form fall in 1993 to summer in 1994. The results were as follow : 1. Analysis as a symbol of sexuality. The phenomenon of the visual inconsistency and consistency of sexual image in dress were showed simultaneously. The clothes of male students were generally becoming feminine style in materials and colors of clothes. These suggested that sex-roll theory be applied to their clothes. 2. Analysis as symbols of identification or individuality. The identification of shoes, bags, accessories, and hair styles were prominent than that of clothes. When it was analyzed as a symbol of individuality, the college students seemed to act as fashion leaders, who accepted new fashions and tried them on first. These suggested that Erikson′s theory on identity be applied to their clothes. 3. Analysis as a symbol of emblem. The dissimilarities of between the college students and other groups in the same generation were bright and casual attire with files, books, and sack. 4. Analysis as a symbol of campus ceremony. The clothes of college students on campus ceremonies were more causal and flexible than those of other groups in the same generation. It was known that the symbols showed above were reflected on their clothes as "one′s expressions" which are sex-roll, identity, and characteristics of college students.

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