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논문 상세정보

체표면적 산출식에 관한 연구 -40대 여성을 중심으로

A Study of Body Surface Area Calculation -Centering around 40 Ages-


Data of the body surface is a necessary unit for the measuring of metabolism energy and activity energy. And also, these data are referring to check the degree of retaining warmth of clothes, to find the effect of heat insulation according to body surface, to calculate an average temperature of skin, and to study the several fields of clothing. In measuring of body surface, it si actually impossible to measure a subject's body surface in each experiment. As the experimental method, both gypsum method, by which the shape of body an be copied as it is, and the weighting method from which planed body surface area can be measured with consistent thickness of polyprophylene film as used. In fact, every female subject feels uncomfortable to measure her body surface as a naked body. There, it is providing a simple, accurate regressive equation with weight & height as variable factors in this study. This equation is as=117.02W+77.31H-3344.94 with average error : 0.1%, absolute average error : 2.07%.

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