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논문 상세정보

전기집지기 집진특성 실험 및 유한차분해석에 관한 연구

Experimental and Finite Difference Method(FDM) Analysis on Collection Characteristics of Electrostatic Precipitator


Electrostatic Precipitators( EP ) are widely used in industry for controlling the emission of particulate pollutant Recently, a number of researches have been conducted to solve performance and reliability problems of EP, As a result of researches in the laboratory and of pilot scale, a technology of wide-pitch-spacing has been successfully applied to full scale units. It has been known that the wide-pitch-spacing can reduce the capital cost of newly installed precipitators, and the cost of rebuilding existing uints. In this paper, a systematic study was performed to develop a wide-pitch electrostatic precipitator. The study includes experimental and numerical work on the following : Particle collection characteristics for a bench-scale unit; gas flow characteristics( temperature and velocity distributions): other EP operating variables such as electric Power supply/control. The results are applied directly to design of wide-pitch-spacing EP and the developed numerical model was found to be a good argreement with the experimental results. The EHD simulation program is necessary to design the high efficiency EP.

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