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논문 상세정보

수요율이 높은 제품의 다단계 분배정책에 관한 연구

A Study on the Multi-Level Distribution Policy of High Demand Rate Goods.


This paper deals with ordering policies of consumable goods which have large demand rates in a multi-level distribution system. The system we are concerned consists of one Central Distribution Center(CDC) and N non-identical Regional Distribution Centers(RDCs) which have different demand rates, minimum fillrates, leadtimes, etc. The customer demand on the RDC is stationary poisson and the RDCs demand on the CDC is superposition of Q-stage Erlang distributions. We approximate the RDCs and CDC demand distribution to nomal in order to enhance the efficiency of algorithm. The relevant costs include a fixed ordering cost and inventory holding cost, and backorder cost. The objective is to find a continuous-review ordering policy that minimizes the expected average costs under constraints of minimum fill rates of RDCs and maximum allowable mean delay of CDC. We developed an algorithm for determining the optimal ordering policies of the CDC and the RDCs. We verified and compared the performance of the algorithm through the simulation using the algorithm result as the input parameters.

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