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논문 상세정보

한국 연근해어업의 합리적 관리를 위한 LP모형의 도입방안에 관한 연구

A Study on the Introduction of Linear Programming Model into the Management of Korean Coastal and Offshore Fisheries


Many studies to cope with the present problems of Korean coastal and offshore fisheries has been performed, but these were done partly in necessities and general studies for Korean inshore and offshore fisheries are in early stage. Most of these studies adopted analytical way of approach for each fishery individually and they could not reflect the effect of correlated interaction among fisheries on the several common species/stocks, and thus optimal effort allocation was impossible. To consider general fisheries and optimal effort allocation among competing mixed species, a linear programming (LP) approach is applied in this study and introduced into 16 important inshore and offshore fisheries with 13 constraining species which were chosen by annual yield order. This study is not based on the biological interaction among species (i.e., prey - predator system) but the technological interaction between species and fishing efforts. For the application of LP model in these fisheries, the standardization of fishing efforts through different fishing gears could not be successful and a new way of effort standardization through CPUE for vessel tonnage was originated. Total standardized fishing effort on a particular species i, Ei, is computed as the linear summation of standardized fishing effort generated by each fishery j. That is, (equation omitted) where $f_{j}$ is the total vessel tonnage of fishery j and aij is the coefficients contributing to the standardized fishing effort per ton for species i taken in fishery j. The total fishing effort level on species i due to both directed fishing and by - catch can thus be accounted in the aij's. Optimal effort allocation among the j fisheries may be considered a minimizing problem (minimize $\Sigma$ $f_{j}$), subject to the constraints that standardized fishing effort levels on particular species are maintained at, above, and below certain predefined levels. Fishing effort goals for individual species can be based on various biological and/or economic criteria, i.e., fishing effort level generating maximum sustainable yield and/or maximum economic yield. But in this study the $F_{0.1}$ criteria which was accepted as an approximate level for $F_{mey}$ by Outland and Boerema's (1973) study. The findings of this study are, (1) LP model can be applied to the Korean inshore and offshore fisheries giobally. (2) Through a new way of combining multiple different fisheries' efforts for a particular species together generating standardized fishing effort, Schaefer curve could be applied to the complex system successfully. (3) The results of this study for total reduction scale were mostly the same as those of prior studies, but different much from the individual scales of reduction. This study showed the necessities for exploitation of more concrete parameters to put into consideration of profitability of fisheries and social factors, and this model can be modified according to the actual constraints. Also, considering the age structure of stocks, this model can be developed into better one for better fisheries management.ent.

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