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논문 상세정보

Bodysuit의 패턴개발과 적합성에 관한 연구

A Study on the Pattern Development and Wear Fitness of the Bodysuit

한국 농촌생활과학회지 v.5 no.2 , 1994년, pp.93 - 106  

The purpose of this study was to develop the pattern of bodysuit and to identify the wear fitness of it The methods of statistical analysis applied to the study were ANOVA and cluster analysis. The materials used in making bodysuit were Nylon/Polyurethane, lace, power net, binding tape, and hook eye. The try-on test was administered in two aspects ; (1) the comparison of anthropometric data before and after trying on the experimentally constructed bodysuit with those of marketing bodysuit, (2) the sensory evaluation to estimate the wear fitness in terms of appearance and motion function. The conclusions obtained are as follows ; 1. In the survey of wearing state, 52.2% of respondents had experience of wearing bodysuit. 60.6% of them responded to the item, “well-balanced body” in the question about the purpose of wearing it. 55.7% considered the item, “feel choky in the chest” as uncomfortable point in putting on bodysuit. 48.3% felt the portion of crotch drawn above in taking exercise or behaving routinely in everyday life. 2. As for the characteristics of the bodysuit design, the scooped neckline and horizontal outline without wire in lower bust was used, the adjust point being located right above the perineum point, and the length of bodysuit is as far as trochanteric point. 3. In comparing anthropometric data of the subjects, there was significant difference in the height of lower bust the distance around abdomen, and the length of bust point(right, left) between the experimentally constructed bodysuit and the marketing bodysuit. 4. Concerning the results of the try-on test in appearance, the estimates of expert panel, which were in agreement with those of subjects in mean value and composite reliability coefficient, showed that the pattern fitness of experimentally designed bodysuit was higher than that of marketing bodysuit. 5. To take try-on test in motion function, motion was classified the five steps. The results of the test showed that experimentally designed bodysuit was fitter in each steps of motion than marketing bodysuit.

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  1. Sohn, Hoo Jo ; Na, Mi-Hyang 2012. "A Study on the Corset Type Long-Line Brassieres Pattern Development for Adult Women : focusing on women in their 20s" 한국의류산업학회지 = Journal of the Korean Society for Clothing Industry, 14(6): 960~967 


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