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논문 상세정보

일부 기혼부인의 가족계획 실천에 관한 연구 - 현존자녀의 성과 수를 중심으로



The purpose of this study is to investigate the experience of abortion and practice of contraception in view of preventive in order to analysis the degree of family planning according to the sex & number of actual children. We collected data on married conceptive women who are resident in Seoul and from 20 age to 49 age. This was carried out from 26 July, 1993 to 25 August, 1993. This collected data was analyzed through x² Logistic regression using SAS/PC/sup +/and SPSS/PC/sup +/. The analyzed results are as follow. 1. Those who answered "son is not positively necessary"are only 15.7% among investigated women. 2. The percentage of practicing contraception was 68.2%, in case of 30s' women it was 74.3% and most high. Also, in view of religion, the percentage of practicing contraception of Buddihist was most low as 61.54% (p<0.05). 3. The portion of those who had sons more than four who used permanent. method of contraception is most high(83.3%), in terms of composition, while the ratio of those who have only son is 60.7%, the ratio of those who have only daughter was only 14.3%. 4. In order to investigate the independent variable affecting practice of contraception, we analysed data with Logistic regression analysis. The result of this analysis is as follows: the older(p<0.01) woman is and the higher the level of education of woman(p<0.05), the more it affects significantly practice of contraception. 5. In abrotion experience, the number of experienced women was 241(50.3%) and including repeated abortion, the total number of abortion is 317. The main reason of abortion was that they didn't want more child. The number of abortion due to such reason was 153(48.3%), Especially, the 181(43.0%) cases among last pregnancy 421 cases were the undesired pregnancy. So, the 147 cases of them came to abortion. 6. In the number of actual children, the ratio of those who have three children occupied high portion(56.7%, p<0.05), for the composition of children, although the case of those who have both son and daughter showed most high ratio of experience of abortion, but it was statistically insignificant. 7. In order to investigate independent variable affecting experience of abortion, we used Logistic regression analysis. The result of the analysis was that the older women was(p<0.01) and the more they had actual children(p<0.01), it significantly affected abortion.

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