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논문 상세정보

교통망 연결을 통한 통일기반 조성정책

The Policy of building up Environment favorable for the Unification of North South Korea through establishing the Transportation System in the Peninsula


North Korea, which is under a very bad economic situation, is being forced to open its border in the nonpolitical and economic fields as China did before. Although North Korea has tried to induce American and Japanese capital rather than South Korean's in order not to be affected politically by South Korea, all the circumstances surrounding North Korea make it only a matter of time to expand the economic cooperation actively between North and South Korea. The material and human exchange between North and South Korea is very likely to be expanded in an unexpected say in the case of any big momentum. When their exchange gets on the right track, the key is whether the appropriate transportation system can be provided safely or not. Forming the transportation system can be provided safely or not. Forming the transportation system between North and South Korea, they should include all the systems of ground, sea and air transportation, construct the infrastructure such as road. railroad, port and airport, consider connecting the new transportation system with the present one, get the authorization on the system under the international rules, and make it play a role as one part of international transportation system. This article recalls the process of the past and present cooperation between North and South Korea in transportation sector, indicates any problems, and suggests a [plan to construct the transportation system connecting North and South Korea in future.

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