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세계화와 신유통정책의 방향

Distribution and Industrial Policies


A well known paper recently reported that the Korean economy is converting form the age of the educated-the farmer-the artisan-the merchant'[ to the age of 'the merchant-the artisan-the educated-the farmer' social stratum. Like other social phases, we've realized the importance of the distribution industry as empirical proof, which contributes to promotion of GNP and acceleration of employment. Distribution is the most critical growth industry which contributes to the national economic development by production encouragement and consumption stimulation. Currently, the domestic distribution industry is up against an urgent situation. the industry is faced with new competition of the occasion of market opening of this year. Major businesses including the top 30 enterprises, are entering into this industry and entering into a new store opening competition' with rivals not only in and out of Korea nut also with new entrants. As a result, almost all categories of distribution, or types of stores are introduced, such as MWC (Membership Wholesale Clubs). discount sores. hyper markets, category killers, CATV shopping, network marketing, factory outlets, and even virtual markets. Those newcomers have touched off the 'price destruction revolution' through multi-competition in this economic field. In this paper, I was talking about situation of distribution war and industrial policies

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