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논문 상세정보

한국에서 분진 및 금속원소의 건식 침착속도 추정에 관한 연구

Studies on Estimating Dry Deposition Velocities for Atmospheric Aerosol and Metal Elements in Korea


Dry and wet deposition is an impertant removal mechanism of the amobient aerosol in the atmospheric environment. Since the deposition flut provides adverse impacts on various encironmental media including aquatic and ecological system as well as human health, it is essential to quantitatively estimate the removal fluxes of many air pollutants. Thus, the purposes of this experimental study are to investigate seasonal deposition flux variations of the total dustfall and various inorganic elements in the local ambient air and then to finally estimate their dry deposition velocities. To perform the study, the total of 90 dustfall samples were collected from January, 1994 thru February, 1995 in 5 different cities of Korea including Seoul, Suwon, Daejon, Kwangju, and Kangrung. Each sample was analyzed by an AAS and an ICP to determine the quantities of the 11 inorganic elements, such as Zn, Cd, Cr, K, Na, Pb, Ca, Fe, Mn, Mi, and Cu. As results, deposition fluxes, soluble/insoluble fractions, and deposition velocities for each element were extensively investigated. The resulting dry deposition velocities of some elements in Suwon were estimated by ranges of 0.57 .sim. 0.87 cm/sec for Zn, 0.35 .sim. 0.45 cm/sec for Pb, 1.25 .sim. 3.52 cm/sec for Ca, 0.21 .sim. 0.48 cm/sec for Fe, 0.95 .sim. 9.31 cm/sec for Mn, and 2.08 cm/sec for Cu.

저자의 다른 논문

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