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논문 상세정보

추적자 확산실험에 의한 야간 강안정층하에서의 가우시안 퍼프모델의 평가

Evaluation of Gaussian Puff Model with Tracer Experiment under Nighttime Strong Stable Conditions


Dispersion experiment using SF$_{6}$ tracer was performed in the flat field of Chunchon Basin during four nights from August 29 to September 2, 1991. The purpose of this study is to analyze toe horizontal distribution of tracer concentration under the strong stable conditions and to evaluate the results calculated by INPUFF model. Incase of high wind speed, plume spread of SF$_{6}$ concentration appeared in narrow area of the downwind and the standard deviation of the horizontal wind angle (.sigma.$_{a}$) was amall. However, the SF$_{6}$ was spread widely in cases of low wind speed because of the large .sigma.$_{a}$. The result of the INPUFF model was similar to the observed distribution of the SF$_{6}$ concentration. It is proved that the Gaussian puff model is useful when wind direction varies significantly.tly.tly.tly.

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