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논문 상세정보

Diazinon, Toxaphene, Endrin과 그 혼합물의 독성효과

Toxicity of Mixtures of Diazinon, Toxaphene and/or Endrin in Mice


The toxicity of the mixture of diazinon, toxaphene(TOX) and/or endrin was studied in ICR male mice(18-22 g) by oral intubation, in corn oil, daily for up to 14 days. On day 15, the exposure was discontinued and animals were monitored for an additional period of 7 days for the possible reversibility of the toxicity. The body weight gain decreased with the mixtures, as well as with the individual pesticides, during the 14-day period. TOX and TOX containing mixtures significantly increased the liver/body weight ratio. The serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase level increased at 23~374% in diazinon, TOX, and endrin or their mixture group. The cholinesterase(ChE) activity in the serum and brain was inhibited in the animals of the group of diazinon(5, 10 mg/kg) and diazinon(5 mg/kg) containing mixtures. TOX(40, 80 mg/kg) caused initial inhibitory effects on the serum ChE Day 1. but there is little effects on the brain ChE levels. endrin(5,10 mg/kg) results in significantly elevated levels of the serum ChE, with substantial decreases in the brain ChE activity. TOX and TOX containing mixtures decreased the pentobarbital(60 mg /kg, ip., in saline) induced sleep. The effects produced by this pesticides singly, as well as by their mixtures, appeared to be reversible in nature. The toxic effects exhibited by the mixtures of diazinon(5 mf/kg), TOX(40 mg/kg), and /or endrin(5 mg/kg) were found to be the resultant of the effect showed by their components individually.

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