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The enzyme, cis,cis-muconate lactonizing enzyme has been proposed to play a key role in the $\beta$-ketoadipate pathway of benzoate degradation. A 3.2-kb EcoRI fragment termed as pRSU2, isolated from a Pseudomonas cepacia genomic library was able to complement the catB defective mutant. Several relevant restriction enzyme sites were determined within the cloned fragment. In Pseudomonas putida SUC2 carrying pRSU2, the enzyme activity was relatively higher than those of the induced or partially induced state of wild type P. putida PRS2000. It was probably due to higher expression of P. cepacia catB in P. putida PRS2000. It was probably due to higher expression of P. cepacia catB in P. putida. One possible interpretation of these results is that the catB promoter in P. cepacia is recognized within P. putida, resulting in the almost same expression level.

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