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논문 상세정보

OSKA형 디젤기관 연소실의 충돌면 크기 분석

The Size Analysis of Raised Lands Prepared for Spray Impaction in OSKA Typed D.I. Diesel Engine Combustion Chamber


In a diesel engine the phenomenon of spray impaction on a chamber wall has been taken as an undesirable matter because of the deposition of fuel on the surfaces, and the subsequent slow evaporation and mixing with air resulting in unburned hydrocarbons. Therefore many researches have concentrated on avoiding fuel impingement on surfaces. On the contrary done a number of studies using spray wall impactions in a positive way, which makes the droplets smaller, changes the direction into free spaces far from the wall and also improves mixing with air. In this paper the size of the impaction site prepared for the injection spray which is raised from the bottom in the piston bowl center is analysed as both simulative and experimental manner.

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