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Among those tests performed during the Yonggwang Nuclear Power Plant Units 3 and 4 (YGN 3&4) Power Ascension Test period, the Loss of a Main Feedwater Pump test at l00% power is one of the major test which characterize the capability of YGN 3&4. In this event, one of the two normally operating main feedwater pumps is tripped resulting in a 50% reduction in the feedwater flow. Unless the NSSS and Turbine/Generator control systems actuate properly, the reactor will be tripped on low SG water level or high pressurizer pressure. The test performed at Unit 3 was successful by meeting all acceptance criteria, and the plant was stabilized at a reduced power level without reactor trip. The measured test data for the major plant parameters are compared with the predictions made by the KISPAC computer code, an updated best-estimate plant performance analysis code, to verify and validate its applicability. The comparison results showed good agreement in the magnitude as well as the trends of the major plant parameters. Therefore, the KISPAC code can be utilized for the best-estimate nuclear power plant design and simulation tool after a further verification using other plant test data.

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