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논문 상세정보

수입 농산몰의 구입실태 및 원산지표시제의 인식도에 관한 연구 -영남지역 소비자를 중심으로

A Study for the Purchase Status of the Imported Agricultural Products and Consumers' Recognition of the Labelling for the Country of Origin in Youngnam Region


The consumers' purchase experiences of some imported agricultural products (rice, sesame, garlic, onion, jujube, red pepper, oak mushroom, apple, dried persimmon) and their consciousness for the labelling of the country of origin for agricultural products in Youngnam region were examined in this study. The sample consisted of 438 women who lived in Taegu, Pusan and other cities of Kyungpook and Kyungnam, and the self-administered questionnaire for the survey was used. The main reasons to purchase the imported agricultural products were the wide distribution and low price of them. Most of the consumers were concerned about safety of the imported agricultural products but only a few people experienced unsatisfaction of the products. The price, quality, package, container, label, and safety of the examined products were evaluated worse than those of the domestic products. Generally, although they suffered unsatisfaction, the consumers did not complain because they wanted to avoid troublesome work, which means the consumers did not assert their rights. Some people did not know the labelling system for the country of origin and the place to charge the market violating it. Therefore, it will be necessary for the consumers to receive education about the labelling system for the country of origin and the compensation criteria for consumers' grievances and damages. The current labelling method for the country of origin generally met the consumers' preference but the consumers wanted to improve the position and color of the label. Most consumers could not differentiate the imported products from the domestic products. The results obtained from the survey suggest consumer education for the labelling system for the country of origin and the compensation criteria should be activated through various ways such as mass media and consumer organizations.

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