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논문 상세정보

유전자 알고리즘을 이용한 분할 버스 아키텍처의 상위 수준 합성

A genetic-algorithm-based high-level synthesis for partitioned bus architecture


We present an approach to high-level synthesis for a specific target architecture-partitioned bus architecture. In this approach, we have specific goals of minimizing data transfer length and number of buses in addition to common synthesis goals such as minimizing number of control steps and satisfying given resource constraint. Minimizing data transfer length and number of buses can be very important design goals in the era of deep submicron technology in which interconnection delay and area dominate total delay and area of the chip to be designed. in partitioned bus architecture, to get optimal solution satisfying all the goals, partitioning of operation nodes among segments and ordering of segments as well as scheduling and allocation/binding must be considered concurrently. Those additional goals may impose much more complexity on the existing high-level synthesis problem. To cope with this increased complexity and get reasonable results, we have employed two ideas in ur synthesis approach-extension of the target architecture to alleviate bus requirement for data transfer and adoption of genetic algorithm as a principal methodology for design space exploration. Experimental results show that our approach is a promising high-level synthesis mehtodology for partitioned bus architecture.

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