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논문 상세정보

ASIC의 BIST 할당을 위한 효과적인 BILBO 설계

Design on the efficient BILBO for BIST allocation of ASIC


In this paper, an efficient BILBO(named EBILBO) is proposed for batch testing application when a BIST (built-in self test) circuit is implemented on ASIC. In a large and complex circuit, the proposed algorithm of batch testing has one pin-count that can easily control 4 test modes in the normal speed of circuit operation. For the implementation of the BIST cifcuit, the test patern needed is generated by PRTPG(pseudo-random test pattern generator) and the ouput is observed by proposed algorithm is easily modified, such as the modelling of test pattern genration, signature EBILBO area and performance of the implemented BIST are evaluated using ISCAS89 benchmark circuits. As a resutl, in a circuit above 600 gates, it is confirmed that test patterns are genrated flexibly about 500K as EBILBO area is 59%, and the range of fault coverage is from 88.3% to 100%. And the optimized operation frequency of EBILBO designed and the area are 50MHz and 150K respectively. On the BIST circit of the proposed batch testing, the test mode of EBILBO is able to execute as realtime that has te number of s$^<$TEX>+/n$^<$TEX>+/(2s/2p-1) clocks simultaneously with the normal mode of circuit operation. Also the proposed algorithm is made of the library with VHDL coding thus, it will be widely applied to DFT (design for testability) that satisfies the design and test field.

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