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논문 상세정보

대전지역 직장 중년 남성의 건강 및 영양 상태 조사

The Health and Nutritional Status of Middle Aged Men at Worksite in Taejon


This study was conducted to investigate the health and nutritional status of 123 middle aged men at their worksite in Taejon. The results of this study on the factors that influence their health and nutritional status were as follows : 1) 74.8$\%$ of the subjects had history in the order of alimentary, heat, liver, diabetic and pulmonary diseases. 30.3$\%$ stopped smoking at 42.3% yrs. and 74.5$\%$ smoked more than 10 cigarets per day. Also 71.9$\%$ drank 2-3 times per week and 35.3$\%$ drank 1-2 times per week. 91.4$\%$ exercised more than 30min every day. 2) 54.4% showed concerns about their health whereas 20.3$\%$ were afraid that they night get sick. 3) 90.4$\%$ ate regularly and 54.5$\%$ worried about their cholesterol, salt, fat and MSG intakes. 48.7$\%$ ate out 1-2times per week and their favorite foods eaten outside were Korea. 4) 41.5$\%$ were classified as 'normal A', 30.9$\%$ 'normal B' group and high blood pressure and liber diseases in 'doubtful for disease' group were pointed out from their 1996 health check ups. 5) By Broca index, 39.8$\%$ were overweight and 9.8% were obese however by BMI only 23.6% were overweight. According to the relationship between calculated and self recognized obesity, 62.4$\%$ categorized themselves into the right weight range but 34.3$\%$ thought they were thinner than they were. 6) 43.9$\%$ were border line in cholesterol intake and 12.1$\%$ needed medical care for high blood cholesterol. 7) The Average energy intake was 1970.6㎉(80.9$\%$ RDA) with a 65 :19 : 16 ratio of carbohydrate : protein : fat. Protein, Fe, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and Vit. A. 8) Occupation, regularity of meals, partner's job, income. smoking, alcohol drinking, health concerns and eating out were the factors that influenced the subject's nutrient intakes and health status. from this study, it was found that middle aged men needs to know their health and nutritional status and to be educated correct health and nutritional information through formal or informal channel. The worksite is the vest place to do this and we want these results to be used to develop the nutrition education program for middle aged men at the worksite.

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